Oregon Woman Pleads Guilty for Conspiring to File Fraudulent Income Tax Returns

While the number of cases involving the falsification of financial information remains relatively stable, the Tax Division based in Washington, D.C., which mission is to enforce the nation’s tax laws fully, fairly, and consistently, takes a lot of legal proceedings. Unfair people are looking for any ways of making easy money. In general, these ways… Continue Reading →

Thirteen officers indicted for alleged participation in drug trafficking conspiracy

Thirteen current and former law enforcement officers and two other individuals, which applies to the 25-49 years age group, have been indicted in the Eastern District of North Carolina, US, and arrested for allegedly protecting narcotics shipments and cash proceeds during transit along the east coast for what they believed was a large-scale drug trafficking… Continue Reading →

Man pleads guilty to impersonating federal officer

A man pleaded guilty to impersonating the U.S. Immigration officer. Tommie Rand Pierce, 68, is accused of impersonating an Immigration officer in order to extract payments from immigration applicants seeking permission to remain in the United States. He is also accused of fraud in connection with hundreds of fraudulent immigration applications. What a scamp! Such… Continue Reading →

Flea market owner convicted of trafficking counterfeit goods

The owner of a local flea market was convicted on multiple charges relating to his involvement with selling counterfeit goods and DVDs. Jack Frison Sr., 65 was convicted on one felony count of conspiracy to traffic in counterfeit goods, one felony count of aiding and abetting copyright infringement and one felony count of aiding and… Continue Reading →

Father and son arrested for sex trafficking

Keith A. Arrick Sr., 46 and his son Keith A. Arrick Jr., 21 were charged with conspiracy to commit sex trafficking, sex trafficking of a minor and sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion. Between September 2013 and February 2014, the men used various hotels to harbor women, including a minor female, to engage in… Continue Reading →

Dmitri Chavkerov – pretended Forex guru

Nowadays all these financial gurus, as Dmitri Chavkerov, are trying to make us believe in their special skills, while in real world their “magic skills” are limited to tricking government and public using shady and dishonourable strategies. Here is an example of such a shady activity. A Russian young woman Yuliya Kalinina came to the United… Continue Reading →

4 men arrested for conspiring to sell stolen firearms

Four men were arrested and charged with conspiring to sell seven stolen firearms believed to have belonged to the family of Saddam Hussein, the late Iraqi president. The following four men are David Phillip Ryan, 48; Karlo Christian Sauer, 42; Howard A. Blumenthal, 74 and Carola M. Quirola, aka Carlos Quirola-Ordonez, 55. Ryan is also… Continue Reading →

Fake IDs

Cesar Mujica-Aranda, 25, pleaded guilty to his role in a conspiracy that produced and sold thousands of false identity documents to illegal aliens. This “handy man” produced fraudulent identity documents at his apartment from September 1, 2013 to February 21, 2014. He also sold these documents to numerous street level dealers. The fraudulent identity documents… Continue Reading →

Cybercrime scheme

Currently, fraud in the Internet has become a widely occurring all over the world. Here is one of the examples from the USA. Two members of an international cybercrime, identity theft and credit card fraud conspiracy pleaded guilty in a scheme to use information hacked from customer accounts at more than a dozen banks, brokerage… Continue Reading →

Wire fraud

Nowadays, there are a lot of scams who want to make money on other people using unfair methods. Here is such an example. Two women were sentenced in federal court for conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Tempest Amerson, 24, Nebraska and Rosland Starks, 45, Iowa were sentenced by U.S. District Judge for conspiracy to commit… Continue Reading →